Were you a fan of the TV show Crystal Maze? This escape room challenge is quite similar – barring the host, the crystal ball at the end, and you getting locked up in a room waiting for your friend to bail you out. To be honest, if the latter was the case I’d probably be stuck in for hours.

At TEPfactor Dubai, located at Bahar plaza in JBR, you sign up with a minimum of two and maximum six people to complete various rooms that fall under certain categories. There are over 21 challenges, each testing you in categories such as patience, fitness, logic and skill. You’re meant to complete four from each category, after which you receive a code to unlock a room from that completed category. Obviously, we forgot we had to complete four from one category and instead chose to try all, which to be honest, was way more interesting in our opinion. Imagine trying only a patience challenge, or just fitness, how will you know what else this amazing indoor maze has on offer?

Back to the challenge, we won’t ruin the surprise element of the rooms, however, some of them include climbing tire walls and swinging on tires so that you don’t touch the red floor below – you have to avoid red and focus on blue at all times – going through a large ball pit, figuring out tones, and wall climbing and rolling on a large barrel without falling off, amongst others. The whole point of the game is to work together as a team, and you get to choose your level  – bronze, silver or gold – when you sign into each room. Bronze gives you more time and less points, while gold works vice versa. The purpose of the game is to open the Final Chest at the end and escape – we obviously didn’t reach that point within two hours *I laugh*

Having said that, throughout the challenge we were all pumped up, ready to figure out clues, decipher codes, and had a barrel of laughs along the way. Definitely an experience we’ll remember for months to come.

Got #MajorFomo? TEPfactor Dubai is Dhs80 per hour/per person on weekdays (Sun-Wed), and Dhs100 per hour/per person on weekends (Thursday-Saturday). Contact +971 56 404 0802 or visit tepfactor.ae


#NoMoreFomo Tip: Worried about parking? Park at The Beach, near the cinema side, and take the escalator up near Chili’s. Don’t forget to bring your red chip along to get it validated – you get a voucher that grants three hours free parking.