Nicola’s 2018 Travel Destinations to visit

I’ve been aching to go to this dynamic Asian hub for years. Somehow, I haven’t managed to. I’ll admit, Kevin Kwan, the author of the satirical novels Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems, had me hooked. I lived vicariously through the characters as I learnt about Singaporean culture, tea time, food, society life, and the city’s renowned hotspots. The city-state and country is home to several Michelin star restaurants, street-food stalls, and attractions (Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studios Singapore being our top choices). I feel we may fall in love with the city, and perhaps reside there at some point in my life. Maybe their Instagram page will offer a bit of inspiration and have you planning a trip too –
I’m starting to realize a trend here. Bangkok is the only Asian city I’ve ever visited, which is perhaps the reason why I’m gradually leaning towards this side of the world. Most of my holidays are food-led and Japan is brimming with culinary options – sushi, ramen, Kobe, those adorable little buns, and so on. Tokyo, Kyoto and Kobe are the spots I want to visit before any other, and preferably, during the cherry blossom festival. Have you been?
Yes, I’ve never been to Spain. Torence is a die-hard Barcelona fan, and me, I love sangria and chorizo. That’s a good enough reason, right? Oh! And Zara and Uterque of course. I feel like it’s one of those countries everyone has visited and I’m probably the last one left (Anyone else in the same boat?). This year, I’d love to head to Barcelona and Madrid for a bit of fun under the sun.
Bali or Zanzibar
While city getaways are fun and adventurous, I feel like the only way you can unwind and rejuvenate, is with an island getaway. Bali and Zanzibar are the destinations I will want to flock to come summer time. Either/or will do, and at that point, I won’t want anything more than sunscreen, a great book and plenty of cocktails by the beach.
Tell us, what’s on your 2018 Travel Destinations list?