About Us

The Fomo List is multimedia platform curated by Nicola Monteath for millennials (we aren’t fans of the word either, but it is what it is, right?) I’ve spent a decade writing about luxury hotels, travel, food and lifestyle, having worked with BBC Good Food ME, Lonely Planet and various other publications.

So, what is FOMO. It’s when someone has a major case of the Fear Of Missing Out. You know, when you see someone traveling, dining, or doing anything you literally wish you were doing at that moment. That is FOMO. And this page is basically a whole bunch of my FOMO experiences that I stopped thinking about and started doing, to live my life in the present.

Over the years I’ve realized as much as people love to read reviews and travel stories online, they love watching videos to get excited about a trip, products and more. That’s exactly why I created my YouTube channel. It gives you a peek into some of the best hotels across the world, things to try, skincare items – I’m obsessed with facials – and…my life.

Come along, join the #NMFomoSquad on Instagram and I hope you truly do enjoy these experiences and do whatever gives you FOMO too!