These apps for expats will help you from DAY 1 – trust me!



When you have to get from Point A to B and don’t bike, this app comes in handy. Simply insert your location to find the mode of transportation you need to take, tram/bus/metro number, best route, and the timings of the tram/bus/metro according to your time of arrival. If you’re apartment hunting in the city, you will love this app!



Once you have opened your Dutch bank account, download this app. It’s ideal for those times when splitting the bill is awkward. You can pay the bill and send a payment request to friends later on, of the amount they owe you. Genius, right?


Google Translate

The great thing about Netherlands is that everyone speaks English. The tricky bit? Grocery shopping. Every store, from Albert Heijn to Dirk, Lidl, and Jumbo, have products in Dutch. To avoid buying the wrong items, use this app. You may think you know what the ingredient is – like I did – but could be mistaken. For the longest time, I thought Pepernoten/Pepernoot was Peppermint (don’t ask!) but it’s actually gingerbread.


And there you have it, the top 3 Apps For Expats in Amsterdam – especially for the first month in any of the cities.


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