#FomoDining at BA Restaurant and Lounge

 I remember heading down to this restaurant years ago and absolutely loved it.
The Peking duck to be specific. While I didn’t try that this time around, the food here was still impeccable. But let’s begin with the décor. The venue is massive – bar on one side of a large dining room, and an intimate closed-off room tucked away towards the other side. The vibe? It’s calm, dim lighting, and the place you can either rock up to with casual clothing – no flip flops of course – or get all dressed up for. We obviously chose the latter.
The cocktail list is impressive at this fine-dining Asian restaurant, and a must-try for those who prefer an aperitif before wine or sake. I opted for the Silk Road Martini (vodka, pama liquer, pomegranate and lime juice) which was aerated, yet light, and refreshing. Mr. T Raf chose another version of one of his favourite drinks, the Japanese negroni (with ume sake, whiskey, and the usual add-ins) that was robust.

To whet our appetite, we ordered their signature steamed buns that were light and fluffy. The duck with kimchi had a slight pungency to it, complementing the tender protein beautifully. The pork, on the other hand, was our favourite from the two. Thin slices of belly were topped with sweet soy, and served with scallion and cucumber in the soft, slightly-sweet bun. We couldn’t resist the sushi selection – can anyone? – and tried the PMI roll upon recommendation. First off, it’s served in 8 pieces – yass! – and filled with prawn tempura, cucumber and cream cheese. Each piece is topped with wagyu beef and teriyaki sauce – we know, it’s a strange mixture, but this roll is a party in your mouth. Each morsel is juicy, with an explosion of textures.
For mains, expect Asian-style dishes, with generous portions enough for two to three to share. The highlight of our mains was hands-down the Szechuan prawn with scallion – king-sized prawns doused in a thick gravy with a hint of chilly. This were eaten with steamed rice that absorbed the gravy perfectly. Mr. T Raf loved the black pepper beef with broccoli – chunky pieces of the protein paired well with the non-greasy, perfectly fried noodles, and steamed veggies.
As always, he opted for a chocolate dessert! His was a warm chocolate pudding with poached pear, while mine was a refreshing yuzu citrus tart with tiny meringues and tangy yuzu sorbet – the latter is great as a palate-cleanser too.
Cocktails: Dhs75-85
Steamed buns: Dhs42 for the duck, and Dhs40 for the pork belly (per piece)
Sushi rolls: Dhs85
Mains: Dhs110 for the Szechuan prawns and Dhs 110 for black pepper beef
Sides: Dhs34 for vegetarian fried rice and Dh52 for hakka noodles
Desserts: Dhs45 for the yuzu tart, and Dhs55 for the warm chocolate pudding
We highly recommend trying at least one of the signature buns and the sushi roll – one of the best we’ve tried in Dubai – at BA Restaurant and Lounge. Depending on your appetite, you could share a large main course and leave space for dessert.
Book a table at BA Restaurant and Lounge: Contact +971 4 457 3457
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