Café Loetje Amsterdam Restaurant Review. It’s worth the hype!


Loetje was on my list ever since I set foot in Amsterdam. Why? It reminded me of one of my favourite French eateries in Dubai, Couqley. The cafe – which over the years has risen to fame for its’ steak – is a local favourite and packed even on weekdays. The restaurant first opened its’ doors over 40 years ago as a neighborhood and billiard café on the corner of Johannes Vermeerstraat, near the Museumplein. The tenderloin steak became a menu favourite in the 70s and has since become synonymous with the brand.

The menu features several fish and vegetarian dishes alongside salads, but a visit to Loetje isn’t complete without an order of steak. Specifically the Biefstukken (Beef Tenderloin) served at a medium rare temperature with the moreish Loetje butter jus; gravy with sambal (the Bali); or with Loetje gravy, onions, chicken livers and bacon.

The evening we dined at the Johannes Vermeerstraat in Amsterdam South, we arrived at 7pm, were told to wait for 20 minutes, and seated immediately after. The meal began with bitterballen – a must-try Dutch snack – that’s fried, crispy on the outside and filled with a thick beef stew and potato mixture. Best eaten dipped in mustard, but make sure you bite into it with caution  – it’s hot!

For mains, we ordered the Loetje Biefstukken with sambal, a side order of fries, and the complimentary bread, with a glass of Valpolicella (my new favourite red). The sauce was medium-spicy, while the succulent steak was buttery-soft – absolutely decadent. Dunk the bread and fries into the gravy and relish every drop of that gravy with the spicy condiment.

Didn’t order any dessert, but apple pies came out of the kitchen every few minutes, so it’s probably worth a try.



Café Loetje Amsterdam

Johannes Vermeerstraat 52, Amsterdam


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