Looking for date-night restaurants in Dubai. Try Carine at Emirates Golf Club

Following his success at La Petite Maison, La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie, and as a menu consultant for one of our favourite sandwich deliveries S’wich, Izu Ani is back with two new additions to the culinary scene – Izu Bakery, and Carine at Emirates Golf Club – which is named after his wife *cue the aww*

We visited at noon on a Friday, when the brightly-lit space flooded with natural light was filled with golfers, families and couples relishing a lazy late-afternoon meal. It oozes sophistication with retro-green leather couches, marble, an open kitchen and dark wooden storage units – it’s the type of space we want at home.

Our lunch began with juicy cherry tomatoes, freshly baked bread we keep telling ourselves we need to resist, and a quinoa salad with confit duck leg. The salads are gorgeously presented, and each ingredient was quite fresh and appetizing. We recommend having this with the grilled harissa prawns that are cooked to perfection, incredibly flavour-packed and juicy.

We believe there’s no point in reviewing a restaurant and limiting yourself in terms of carbs, etc. unless of course you have dietary requirements and absolutely have to. Savour their Sorrentina for mains, which consists of soft tiny pieces of gnocchi submerged in stewed tomatoes, topped with basil and feta. For a bit of protein, try the lamb marinated in yoghurt and herbs. The sliced lamb was succulent, served with a crisp arugula, apple and almond salad that complemented the dish with a hint of sweetness, while adding texture. Also, strangely enough, it didn’t really taste like lamb.

For desserts, we kind of went all out, but you would too. View our video below of a decadent molton brownie with a marshmallow top and crème anglaise; passion fruit cheesecake, and a light and fluffy tiramisu.

#FomoTip: Don’t miss desserts – we can’t stress on this enough. Contact +9714 417 9885


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