I recently blabbered about an upcoming staycation to a friend, of how I couldn’t wait to go away and do nothing, spend daytime by the pool and evenings relishing great food. Her reply, how boring!
I obviously never saw it her way, but it seemed like spending hours by the pool was somewhat 0f a waste of time to her. I still disagree but can see how there may be a few people out there who think the same. So, here’s a list of five reasons why I think you need a staycation every now and then, and how to make the most of it.

Your body needs a time-out day or days. When you check into a resort, the ambience, aromas and sights are quite different from your day-to-day routine. It’s great to see something fresh and new, and for your body to enter relaxation mode.
When you go on a staycation, you can pack along everything you don’t get to enjoy whenever you want to. For instance, a great book to read by the pool, salts for a hot soak in the bathtub, face mask – that one you’ve been attempting to try for weeks – and even a sketchbook, or TV show episodes. It’s entirely up to you, staycation time is your time.
My building doesn’t have a sauna, so whenever I do go to a resort, I head to the sauna with a hair pack on – coconut oil works best!
You can sleep in. The plush bed, over thousand thread-count sheets, cozy duvet, and occasionally a pillow menu – what more can you ask for?
You can save $$$. If you’re saving for a big holiday in the summer or end of year, you will need a weekend away from your usual setting to relax. Since all you need is fuel for your car, to get from point A to B, a staycation works out pretty cheap when compared to a vacation. Plus, it takes the stress out of packing, dodging tourists, and cramming in days off when you know you shouldn’t leave the office for a week or so.