When I made the move, all I really thought about was my clothes! But there’s a lot you need to keep in mind before moving to Amsterdam or Netherlands in general. Here’s my list!



Get 10 of these if you can! They are nearly impossible to find, and when you do find one it’s about 8-10 euros per plug. So if all your appliances, gadgets and devices have a three-pin or two-pin – basically anything that isn’t the round two-pin European plug – make sure you carry these with you.



If you’re used to munching on bags of Cheetos Flamin Hot Cheetos chips, pack a few. The Junior’s – Food Market (Ferdinand Bolstraat 31, Amsterdam) sells them, but they fly like hot cakes.



People from the Middle East, in particular, are used to the Handheld bidet toilet sprayer. If the thought of using just toilet paper scares you, buy a shattaf beforehand.


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