I crave Indian food almost every week. Growing up, we didn’t eat a lot of Indian food, and to be honest, I didn’t love it either. I actually hated rice. You know during lent when you’re supposed to abstain from certain types of food until Easter? I used to tell my parents I would abstain from rice, only for them to reply with “you’re supposed to give up something you love!”

Now, however, I love rice and Indian food has become one of my favourite takeout options, other than Thai, Chinese, fried chicken, pizza, and poke bowls of course. Oh, and donuts (yes, we order Krispy Kreme on Deliveroo – please don’t judge!) Back to my love for Indian fare, I love a good spiced masala fry or curry and find myself visiting Karama and Bur Dubai a few times a month for my fix. While I won’t stop making trips down there, I’m glad I can indulge at the mall itself. And no, not at a food court. Peppermill has opened at Dubai Mall, near Parkers, and everything from the food and service to décor is outstanding – we’re not saying it because we reviewed it. Honest opinion below:

The décor is quite sophisticated, reminded us a bit of Galvin Dubai at City Walk actually, and the crockery is just gorgeous. We highly recommend beginning the meal with Memsaab’s Marigold. The staff bring over a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine from Scavi & Ray (Right!? We didn’t know they made this either), and it’s poured over a marigold and grapefruit puree. The drink is sprayed with rose water before you embark on a sensory journey of India.

I love chaat and one of the dishes we tried was an interesting chicken sev puri (crisp mini pieces of flat bread topped with a chicken mixture, chutney and passion fruit yoghurt). We followed this with korma lamb chops that featured an incredibly mouthwatering jus – Mr. T Raf needs to replicate this at some point. There was something about the Kashmiri style lamb chops though. It was tender, but we felt it could be all the more succulent if done at medium or even medium-well temperature. Either ways, the meat was flavorsome and that jus was again, absolutely amazing. We were also served a spicy seekh kebab and it reminded me a bit of the ones you get at food stalls in India – minus the grease and newspaper for plates. The spicy minced lamb skewers arrive on a spinach roomali roti (soft flatbread) with caramelized onions for a hint of sweetness – Mr. T Raf devoured this.

Mains are sharing-style, as most Indian meals are, and we tried methi malai murg (boneless chicken with cashew malai foam and masala); and brisket laal maas. The latter tasted similar to bacon, with soft US prime smoked beef brisket presented on a moreish gravy of dried chilli and yoghurt. We’re pretty sure you won’t come across this dish elsewhere, and it pairs exquisitely with garlic and butter naan. We tried the biryani too, but weren’t fans of it, if we’re being absolutely honest. But, that’s probably also because we’re often spoiled with homemade Hyderabadi biryani courtesy of my dad. Mr. T Raf makes a decent biryani too btw!

If I wasn’t hungry enough to eat lunch or dinner, and just wanted a break from shopping at Dubai mall, I’d stop by just for a great cup of karak chai and decadent ras malai saffron- soaked cake topped with cream cheese and crushed orange ladoo – my favourite type.

#NoMoreFomo Tip: Don’t miss the chai and desserts. Yes, they are ridiculously sweet, as most Indian desserts are, but worth a try.

Got #MajorFomo? Expect to pay approximately Dhs190-250 for a substantial meal at Peppermill. View the rest of the menu here or visit Peppermill.ae