There’s more to Airbnb than affordable accommodation. If you are staying a few days and want to soak up the culture and experience the city like a local, hit the Airbnb Experiences tab.
Here are some of the top #AirbnbExperiences seen on Instagram.

Hidden Hike in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The East Tabur trail is one not-to-be-missed when in Malaysia. Take in the views of natural creations and the city’s skyline from the summit of this renowned hill.
Plastic Fishing, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Why go fishing when on holiday? In Amsterdam, it’s for a good cause. If you’re conscious about keeping the sea plastic-free, now is your time to make a difference. Join the locals and Plastic Whales (a non-profit organisation that builds boats from recycled plastic) as they set out on a mission to keep the city’s canals free from plastic, by fishing for it.

Explore the City’s unseen Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is brimming with culture and experiences – wink, wink. While culinary tours and full-moon parties are on top of the list for most travellers, it’s worth checking out Airbnb Experiences such as this one in Chinatown, to explore hidden temples, shops and restaurants run by the Thai-Chinese immigrant community.
Sail to Historic Landmarks, New York City, NY
You have to take in New York city’s skyline from the water. The two-hour journey offers views of Lower Manhattan and Governors Island, along with the Statue of Liberty of course. You’re bound to get a few Instagram-worthy shots on this trip.

Tapas Picnic, Barcelona, Spain
What is Barcelona most renowned for when it comes to food – apart from paella? Tapas! Whet your appetite with a selection of some of the best tapas in the city, as you explore the heart of the El Born district. Think, charcuterie, olives, conserves and plenty more.